Long term co-working member and resident drone expert Michael Surcombe from Leaping Wing has started a new audio production company Overcoat Media with business partner Steven Rajam.

With a combined experience of over 35 years in audio production, Overcoat Media blends documentary storytelling with sonic adventure to produce everything from podcasts to live concerts, arts features to factual series. We spoke to Michael to get the low down on the new business and their aims for the future.

Tramshed Tech: So excited to hear about your new audio production venture; Overcoat Media! What motivated you to start this new company alongside your existing business (Leaping Wing)?

Michael Surcombe: Suddenly the world of audio has become a very exciting place to be in the tech world. With a low barrier of entry, podcasts have exploded, bringing with them creative freedoms which are the envy of conventional radio. I love the feeling that this is an industry where opportunities are opening at at an exponential rate, and that’s an exciting place to be.

Tramshed Tech: What are your aspirations for Overcoat Media?

Michael Surcombe: In the short term, we’re building a pool of producers and contributors who would like to work with us on radio/podcast projects, and from a wide range of backgrounds and interests. But we’re also looking to bring crafted audio to platforms and tech spaces right across the board. Smart speakers, new podcast networks, even AI chat systems are all areas we’re thinking about.

Tramshed Tech: Sounds really exciting. We obviously know you as our resident drone expert from your sister company Leaping Wing but our fellow community members may not be aware of your extensive experience across media production. For anyone who doesn’t know you, could give us an oversight of your background?

Michael Surcombe: Steven (Creative Director) has worked as a BBC documentaries and music producer for over a decade. He has a reputation for arts and factual programmes that combine captivating stories with fresh, playful and original approaches to narrative and form.

I’m a music specialist, technology professional and trainer, and have produced numerous projects for the BBC. My interests lie in the combination of creative content with the latest digital ideas and cutting edge of technological innovation.

Tramshed Tech: So have you got your own in-house studio facilities?

Michael Surcombe: We are self-sufficient in our recording and editing, and have a SADiE suite for easy compatibility with BBC workflows. We use external resources in Cardiff for final mix-downs on our larger projects and also have access to local studios for voice recording.

Tramshed Tech: Sounds great! We wish you and Steven all the best with Overcoat Media!

Overcoat Media is a sister company to Michael’s established drone survey services and training company Leaping Wing — whose upcoming commercial drone pilot training course takes places 2nd to 3rd April right here at Tramshed Tech. Click here for more information.

Michael will also be hosting a ‘Drones in the News’ talk as part of Digital Cities on 4th April 16:15 – 16.45. Booking will be available soon.