Big welcome to Concentric Health who have recently joined our growing community!

The latest of MedTech firms to join the Tramshed Tech family, Concentric Health are showing that South Wales continues to diversify its tech credentials with the evolving companies applying technology across different sectors.

Concentric’s mission is to place consent at the centre of healthcare by driving towards data-driven decision-making, and empowering individuals to make decisions about their own care.

Having recently changed their name from Surgical Consent, the Concentric team — led by Dafydd Loughran – have joined the Tramshed Tech ranks and are now looking for a number of new hires to deliver their ambitious goal to fix the decision-making process in healthcare. Visit their careers page to read the job descriptions (software development and designer roles currently) if you think you, or someone you know, could be exactly who we’re looking for.

We interviewed Dafydd to learn more about Concentric and their aims for the future…

Tramshed Tech: Hey Dafydd, Welcome to Tramshed Tech!
Dafydd Loughran (Concentric Health): Thanks Tramshed Tech team! It’s good to be here! Hi everyone!

Tramshed Tech: Concentric moved in a few weeks back now (we hope you’re settling in!) but — you’ve also just rebranded and updated your website. What prompted so many big changes at once?

Dafydd Loughran: We’re glad you noticed 🙂 It’s an exciting time – our InnovateUK funding means that what was previously a bedroom project suddenly has a chance of making a real impact on how, as patients and clinicians, we make healthcare decisions. With that comes expanded horizons and opportunities. The Concentric rebrand allows us to grow and expand.

Tramshed Tech: What’s the story behind Concentric? What prompted you to start the business?
Dafydd Loughran: I’m a surgeon by training, so I know first hand how decisions are made in healthcare today. Too often they’re based on a quick snapshot of a patient, with limited understanding on what matters to the individual. Almost invariably they’re data-poor decisions, based on individual experience alone of what an individual’s outcomes are likely to be. Working in clinical AI for the last couple of years I knew we could do better – using digital products to empower patients, and data – sitting alongside experience – to guide shared decisions.

Tramshed Tech: Given the massive potential to revolutionise healthcare through the application of recent innovations in technology (cloud data, blockchain, machine learning, etc.) how important is it for you to establish close links with tech firms? And is that why you based yourself at Tramshed Tech?

Dafydd Loughran: You had us at free coffee… We’re one of a growing number of healthtech companies – with a foot in both healthcare and technology camps – so being here at Tramshed Tech means we can learn from others, bounce ideas with creative minds and tech wizards, and I think this community will only grow stronger.

Tramshed Tech: What is your vision for the future of healthcare?

Dafydd Loughran: We’re already seeing the consumerism of healthcare and I’m in no doubt that, done right, that’s a good thing. Patient-centred care is the new buzzword – no longer should we accept the traditional paternalistic approach in medicine with patients fitting around hospital organisations, process and dogma. We need to utilise technologies from other sectors, whilst ensuring they are right for healthcare and its unique challenges, to empower patients to own decisions about their care, monitor and optimise their health – far from the hospital walls, and predict earlier when action is required.

Tramshed Tech: What’s next for Concentric? We see you’re hiring and looking for talented ….

Dafydd Loughran: All engines go! We’re looking to make some really key initial hires – so if you’re interested in fixing healthcare decisions, and you’re good at what you do, read on! We’re looking for a UX designer to reimagine the experience of making a decision about health – clean slate and support to iterate and prototype. In addition, we’ve got two developer opportunities, one front-end, one full-stack, so if you’d love to join an agile team tackling one of the big challenges in healthcare – get in touch! I’m at, or come and knock on our door anytime 🙂