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Home to a creative, friendly community our locations across Wales are great place to meet new collaborators, mentors or investors.

Member-led socials bring together the melting pot of influences across industries.

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A.I., Deep Web, Machine Learning

AMPLYFI has developed the world’s most advanced Machine Learning-based software platform capable of intelligently harvesting open source data from the internet and then curating, analysing, and visualising vast document corpora.

The platform, DataVoyant™, has been positioned to be a game-changer in the sphere of business intelligence and professional services, informing organisations of global market trends, technology advances and emerging business disrupters to maintain their competitive advantage. It is a deep learning powered bridge between data scientists and business intelligence teams.


Onboarding, Psychology, Hiring processes, People operations/HR, Event management

leadership team:


Startup Expert

Data Driven Business Transformation and Development

Configur is an IT and business transformation consultancy, with a leadership team that has over 20 years combined corporate, government and digital experience.We have devised a data driven approach to business transformation and development, enabling delivery of projects with maximum benefit and efficiencies.With expert knowledge of legacy and disruptive technologies, Configur are able to offer in house/outsourced consultancy, development and automation.


Data, Transformation

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Leaping Wing

Drones, UAV, Training

Aerial Survey Specialists

Drones are transforming the way companies manage their assets. But it’s the data that really matters.

With the right information to hand, project managers and asset owners can see significant savings in their day-to-day operations.

We are here to get you the data you need, in the shape you need it.


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