How To Set Up A Shopify Store


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How To Set Up A Shopify Store

104 mins

Kayleigh Fisher

There’s several great reasons to launch your own e-commerce website. You could have a brick and mortar business to take online, you make something at home that everyone keeps saying “you should totally sell” or you’re a coach wanting a professional landing space for clients.

This webinar will take you through each stage of setting up your first Shopify store.

What will the event cover

1. Getting Started - Opening your Shopify account

2. Doing your admin - Getting organised to make sure you don't lose time

3. Look Sharp - how to change the look and feel of your Shopify store

4. Customise - how to add your branding

5. Products - how to add and organise products

6. Test - what to test to make sure the customer has the best first experience

7. Domains - connect your own domain

8. Launch - open your online store

Kayleigh is a freelance Virtual Assistant and founder of Shopify gifting website and empowerment brand. She likes to turn her hand to a lot of different things, but after several years working in leading buying and marketing roles, she specialises in e-commerce development and social media management.

August 26, 2020

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