Marketing Psychology

In 2020 Google has made major changes to its algorithm to prioritise user experience. This event will give business owners the tools to create and implement website content which will increase their Google search hits.

60 mins

Aled Nelmes

Marketing Psychology: Bringing the Customer to you

There are just 4 brain chemicals which govern the human brain. Everything we say, do and think is influenced by these 4 brain chemicals yet in marketing we are hardly ever taught how to harness them. In this 2 hour session, learn how these chemicals work and how you can integrate them into your marketing strategy so your customers end up not liking you, but loving you and not looking anywhere else.

Who is this for:

This workshop is beneficial for all organisations interested in marketing psychology and how to bring the customer to you.

About the Presenter:

Born in Abergavenny, grown in Pembrokeshire and made in Cardiff; Aled Nelmes is a Digital Marketer based in central Cardiff. Aled’s journey in marketing reached a high level after joining Google’s Digital Garage team in Cardiff whilst in second year of University.Aside from campaigning for Men’s Mental Health with ‘Cry With Me Lads’ Aled now works for Wales’ leading online educator; Learna LTD. With a ‘Why-first’ marketing policy, Aled’s marketing aims for the emotion rather than manipulation through SEO, Social Media Marketing and PPC.

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August 6, 2020

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