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ProductTank Cardiff

Nov 19 - 6:00pm

ProductTank Cardiff – Meetup

Join us for the last installment of Product Tank Cardiff for 2019.

Speaker 1: Emma Boulton – Maturing Your Research Craft: User Research when you don’t have a researcher in your team

Every good product manager knows the value of research but what if you’re not lucky enough to have your own researcher or team of researchers? Without a dedicated researcher, research can often be just nice to have and simply doesn’t happen. Sometimes it comes in the form of just ‘customer meetings’ or usability testing.

In this talk, Emma will persuade you to think about research as everyone’s job. She’ll give you a framework for thinking about User Research, a plan to help mature your craft and practical ways of bringing research into every stage of the product lifecycle.

Speaker 2: Paul Jackson – What I learnt building software for Big Law

As CPTO for StructureFlow, Paul has built a legaltech SaaS product that is now used by many of the UK’s biggest law firms and won Slaughter and May’s inaugural Collaborate programme in July. In this session, he’ll share the learnings and mistakes made as a startup building software for Big Law.