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ProductTank Cardiff

Jan 21 - 6:00pm

ProductTank Cardiff — How to deal with difficult people

Your product is as great as its people who build it.

Every great product is a culmination of hundreds of decisions that must be taken by the teams. Conflict, disagreements can be present almost at every intersection point of our engagement with team members and stakeholders.

The conflict is lead by upholding differences of opinions on what product to build, why we are building it, who we are building for and how we are building it, launch and grow.


>Lily Smith

Talk: Dealing with difficult people.
Lily’s talk will draw on her experiences working with challenging people to review some of the difficult situations one might face in the workplace, why they may occur, and what you can do to navigate these moments.

Lily has 14 yrs experience in tech companies and is currently setting up a software division at Symec in Bristol, building B2B tools for the mobile enterprise market. In addition to co-hosting The Product Experience Podcast, Lily is also a founding co-organiser of ProductTank Bristol.

> Sally Foote

Talk: How to find a great job in the product.
Finding a new job can be challenging, but finding a great product job can be really hard. How many people have started in a new role only to discover it wasn’t all they had hoped and they are not really doing the type of work they wanted to? When you’re looking for a great product job, you need to ask different types of questions and look for different indicators. Sharing some of her own experience, and those of her colleagues and team, Sally will set out guidelines to help you find a role where you’ll be able to do great product work.

Sally is currently the VP of eCommerce at Go Compare where her department covers product management, innovation, and digital marketing. She’s previously held roles at Photobox Group where she was the Chief Innovation Officer responsible for developing new revenue lines, and at the Times and Sunday Times where she was Head of Product and played a key role in the launch of the award-winning Times and Sunday Times digital subscription.

She has also founded and run a boutique product consultancy who quickly built a wide range of clients (from the BBC to Manchester City Football Club and Jaguar Land Rover). They specialised in companies to transform their digital teams and launch new products.