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PyData Cardiff

Jun 13 - 6:30pm

Deep Learning for NLPs and Deploying Models with AWS Lambda

We are very happy to announce our next meetup, which will be occurring on the 13th of June. This event will be held at Tramshed Tech, kindly sponsored by AMPLYFI ( who are providing us with the venue together with food and refreshments. And of course, we are offering free beer, soft drinks and pizza.

This month we have 2 local speakers who will be giving talks. The first will be about using Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing, and the second will be about experiences when deploying data science models using the Serverless Lambda architecture on Amazon Web Services.

The venue will open at 18:30 when drinks will be provided. The talks will then begin at 19:00 with a break in between for refreshments. After the event, we will be heading to a pub that is en route to Cardiff Central Station.

We will also be having some local representatives from a Cardiff based recruitment firm, IntaPeople, present. So if anyone is interested in learning more about the local job market for data science, then this is a great opportunity.

For the first time at PyData Cardiff, there will be a short data science workshop provided by one of the PyData hosts, Tim Vivian-Griffiths. This will focus on the topic of using unsupervised learning techniques for finding patterns in data for exploratory purposes. Topics will include: K-means clustering, Gaussian Mixture Models, hierarchical clustering techniques, and others. There is no need to book for this, just turn up to the venue from 17:30 onwards. You can bring a laptop to work along, or the material can be worked through at a later time if you prefer. Any updates will be emailed before the date.

Talk 1: Lorenzo Bongiovanni – Senior Machine Learning Scientist at AMPLYFI

The talk will provide a brief overview of deep neural networks for sequence classification and labeling in Natural Language Processing. In particular, we will talk about Recurrent Neural Networks, their limitations as a deep model, and the consequent evolution into more advanced Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) architecture. In the end, we will look at an example of state-of-the-art LSTM model for Named Entity Recognition.

Talk 2: Dave Parr – Snakes and Lambdas – Data Ops on AWS microservices

Data science doesn’t stop after modelling. It still needs to be deployed to users in a robust and scalable way.

AWS Lambda ( can empower data scientists to own the whole deployment, enabling quick iteration and cloud native architecture. However, it is not for all services all the time.

This talk will cover the basics of what Lambda is and how to use it, then discuss how to decide if it is the right solution for your task. It will finish with over view of some of the stumbling blocks that Dave has gone through… so you don’t have to!

We are incredibly grateful to have these speakers coming, and we invite you all to come to enjoy the evening with us in Cardiff.

As usual, the event will be covered by the PyData Code of Conduct: