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PyData Cardiff

Aug 14 - 6:30pm

AI Ethics and Testing in Data Science

We are very happy to announce our next meetup, on the 14th of August. This event will be held at Tramshed Tech (, kindly sponsored by AMPLYFI ( who are providing us with the venue together with food and refreshments. And of course, we are offering free beer, soft drinks and pizza.

This month, we have two talks about different topics in data science, both from speakers travelling into Cardiff.

The venue will open at 18:30 when drinks will be provided. The talks will then begin at 19:00 with a break in between for refreshments. After the event, we will be heading to a local Brew Dog pub that is close to Cardiff Central Station.

We also have some local representatives from a Cardiff based recruitment firm, IntaPeople, present. So if anyone is interested in learning more about the local job market for data science, then this is a great opportunity.


Following the great turnout for our first workshop in June, we have decided to make these a regular event. This workshop will be an introduction to the machine learning library, scikit-learn ( It will feature how to use the basic API in order to perform both regression and classification tasks, together with an introduction into how to validate your models with cross-validation (CV) techniques, and how this can include data pre-processing using scikit-learn Pipelines. We will also introduce a couple of additional libraries, to aid with model interpretation – a vital skill for communicating any results!

No need to book, just turn up to the venue from 17:30 onwards. You can bring a laptop to work along, or the material can be worked through at a later time if you prefer. Any updates will be emailed before the date.

Talk 1: Ben Byford – Introduction to Holistic AI Ethics

AI is rapidly becoming a decision making technology tool for the masses. Like any revolutionary technology it can be used to the benefit of society and push forward human endeavour – it can also be misused against people, maliciously or accidentally.

AI ethics examines the transformative nature of AI and its impact on our world. Product designers, researchers, business leaders as well as AI/ML engineers need to be conversant in this important and emerging field to stem negative impacts of their work.

Ben is a freelance AI / ML teacher, speaker, ethicist and tinkerer – in his spare time he makes computer games –

He authors the Machine Ethics Podcast (, which has been running since 2016. The podcast consists of interviews with academics, writers, technologists and business people on the topic of AI and autonomy. Website:

Talk 2: Christopher Musselle – The Case for Testing in Data Science

A Data Scientists work is often focused more on the research and exploration rather than the development side of building software. However, in order to demonstrate value from the analytics we do, we have to be able to deliver reliably. This often takes the form of either a reproducible research report/project, or in the form of a built prototype that developers/stakeholders can further experiment with. Testing is a fundamental component to any software project, though unfortunately it can become a bit of an afterthought in the Data Science world. This talk aims to highlight how and where testing is the most beneficial in a Data Scientists workflow.

We are incredibly grateful to have these speakers coming, and we invite you all to come to enjoy the evening with us in Cardiff.

The event will be covered by the PyData Code of Conduct:, and we would like to stress that one of the main goals of NumFocus and PyData is to increase diversity in the data science field. Our aim is to have an entertaining and informative evening, which will be a welcoming and safe space for everyone, from all backgrounds and technical abilities.