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Storytelling for Startups

Feb 25 - 6:00pm

We’re excited to have Martyn Baker take us through two of his key areas of expertise in this 90 minute session. ‘Storytelling For Startups’ and ‘Ideas to Say Yes To’.


6:00pm: Meet & Greet

6:30pm: Part 1, Storytelling For Startups

7:00pm: Refreshments

7.15pm: Part 2, Ideas to Say Yes To

7:45pm: Networking, Refreshments & Close


Whether it was being part of the Twitter UK launch team, leading the adidas global advertising account throughout the World Cup, or managing the Telefonica business at Microsoft… Martyn understands what it takes to build, pitch and sell great ideas on both the local and global stage.

Martyn is now Managing Partner at Gardn – a consultancy that helps new tech tell their stories, go to market and win new business.

Part 1: Storytelling for Start-ups — 6:30pm

Here we’ll look at the importance of storytelling and building a strong narrative for your business. We’ll look at real-world examples of this being done well and badly. We’ll provide a practical framework that makes it easier for you to communicate your story and easier for your audience to understand it.

  • The importance of storytelling
  • Using Objective, Strategy & Tactics (OST) to build a narrative
  • The importance of a single narrative for investors, employees, and customers
  • Refining your OST
  • How to communicate your story better
  • ‘The narrative’ by Bing the Bunny: Act 1 | Act 2 | Act 3

Following the session, you’ll be more confident communicating what you do with a practical framework you can put into action straight away.

Part 2: Ideas to Say Yes To — 7:15pm

In this second session we’re focused on getting potential customers to stop and listen to you. Here we focus on your role as the ‘problem solver’ and the principles behind people saying yes. We’ll use practical, real-world examples and demonstrate how most successful sales avoid ‘the pitch’ entirely.

  • Your role as the problem solver
  • The only 3 problems to solve
  • Who to sell to using ‘70 | 20 | 10’
  • The importance of the ‘innovator’ and their Objective, Strategy and Tactics (OST)
  • First contact
  • Principles to pitch

Following the session, you’ll know how to grab and hold people’s attention when talking about your business. You’ll know how to progress to a signed contract through ‘problem solving’ and not ‘selling’.


“It’s rare to get the opportunity to hear from someone of Martyn’s experience. I encourage everyone to come to one of Martyn’s sales sessions” – Gino Brancazio, Tech Nation.

“Martyn’s ‘Storytelling for Startups’ presentation provides great ideas and great advice for new and mature businesses alike” – Carol Hall, Development Bank Wales.