Hodge Tech Series: Changing Threat Landscape

Hodge Bank and Tramshed Tech are working collaboratively on a series of events running bi-monthly throughout 2020 to bring together innovative startups and established business’ to develop solutions to common challenges. These events aim to enable discussion around some of those challenges, gain more understanding on potential solutions, support interaction between problem owners and solutions providers.
Guy Porteous
Content Producer | Tramshed Tech
Last week saw us partner with Hodge to run our first ever virtual edition of the Hodge Tech Series which aims to bringing together innovative startups and established businesses to develop FinTech solutions to common challenges.

This session focused on the everchanging cyber threat landscape — a topic that is on every business owner's lips since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as we all seek to navigate the 'new normal' as we split our time working from home, the office and pretty much anywhere in between. As such the 'traditional network' no longer exists and new considerations need to be taken into account to protect your business and customers.

In the session, we heard from leading experts in the field of cyber security and data science to better understand how as businesses and individuals we can keep up with the changing cyber threat landscape.

Watch the webinar below now.

About The Speakers

Damon Rands led us through the key threats to look out for malware, phishing, drive by downloads and how you can better protect yourself using their award winning cybersecurity packages.

Professor of Data Science & Cybersecurity, Pete Burnap from Cardiff University's School of Computer Science and Informatics went on to investigate the power of emotions in cyber crime before looking at the role AI can play in predicting ransomware.

Guy Porteous
Content Producer | Tramshed Tech
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