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For our next installment of Meet Our Members we caught up with none other than Damon Rands from Wolfberry. Damon is no stranger to the Tramshed community having delivered a number of sessions on cybersecurity here over the years as part of such events as Digital Festival and Hodge Tech Series. We caught up to him about his team’s recent move to Tramshed Tech.
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Tramshed Tech: Hey Damon! Was just thinking the other day how it’s been three years since you gave a very informative session at The Digital Festival 2017. Pretty sure you pen-tested our WiFi network! You guys moved in back in August, great to see what you’ve done with the place. What excites you about being based here in Cardiff?

Damon Rands: Yes, time flies when you’re having fun! That was a great event to be a part of, and yes we had a blast hacking the wifi. But in all seriousness, being based in such a productive environment and working day to day on projects with the team at  Tramshed Tech, has been an important progression for Wolfberry.

TT: For those who don’t know, what is Wolfberry and what do you do?

Damon: Wolfberry is a cyber security consultancy focused on making security accessible, understandable and affordable for any organisation. We operate as a pure cyber security consultancy, meaning we don’t provide IT services or sell products.

Instead, we protect our clients through a range of managed services, such as our award-winning Viper Æ subscription, a suite of cyber security services designed to meet client needs.

TT: So much has changed in the past three years but it seems that both with consumers and businesses, cybersecurity is always facing the same perennial problems. What’s your take on that?

Damon: Yes, that’s so true. Basically, we face the same problems today as we did 10 years ago, let alone 3 years. People still use rubbish passwords, log onto insecure wifi, and click on phishing emails. Don’t get me started on poorly written websites and applications!

TT: The past year has thrown up all sorts of challenges for businesses, requiring them adapt quicker than ever before. What changes have you noticed across the sector and what trends should we be looking out for in the months ahead?

Damon: Before the pandemic, businesses tended to operate with a ‘castle and keep’ mentality, whereas the users were kept inside the castle walls, and the most sensitive data in the keep. This model has depreciated over the past few years with cloud storage. The pandemic has seen this dramatically change, with most users now operating outside of the castle walls. Businesses now have to find a new way of securing their assets. It’s why we created Viper Æ.

TT: What's next for Wolfberry? We keep seeing your name attached to events like the Hodge Tech Series and Startup Academy — do you have anything in the diary that our readers can attend to learn more about cybersecurity?

Damon: We are currently busy developing new innovative services to add to Viper Æ. We’re really excited about our education platform, and the benefits that could provide businesses across the UK. Hopefully, we will be winning a few more awards in the next couple of months as well. Watch this space!

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