Wolfberry, based in Newport, aim to protect clients and their businesses from all different types of cyber security risks, both internal and external. They are a global company who provide companies of all sizes with the knowledge that their networks can remain safe from threats which could bring down their business.They provide a full range of services to help their clients preserve their own cyber security. Wolfberry offers penetration Testing services, including Infrastructure (Internal and External), Web application and Red Team, Automated Vulnerability analysis and configuration management using the firm’s Viper hardware, Phishing Simulations and Awareness, Active Threat detection and managed services run as a subscription that includes the above but also includes Virtual ciso services. They will simulate an attack on their client’s systems and processes to give themselves a better understanding of where the weaknesses are in the system and how they can approach fixing them. The team at Wolfberry are specialists in the field and they have a vast knowledge of the latest trends, technologies, and attack vectors.

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