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With hybrid working the new norm, you could have colleagues working across multiple time zones, which is why we want to make it super easy for your teams to collaborate. Thanks to our network of international partners, our members get access to a range of coworking spaces and innovation hubs around the world.

<h2 class="h2-style">TEAM BENEFITS</h2>

London, UK - Geovation

Immerse yourself in innovation at Geovation in London, where Tramshed Tech team members enjoy exclusive access. This dynamic location fosters collaboration and creativity, providing a cutting-edge environment for tech enthusiasts to thrive.

Bristol, UK - Tech Spark

Elevate your tech journey with exclusive access to Tech Spark in Bristol, a hub designed for Tramshed Tech team members. Unlock opportunities for networking and skill development, surrounded by the vibrant tech community that defines Bristol's innovation scene.

Dublin, Ireland - Guinness Enterprise Hubs

Experience the pulse of Dublin's tech scene at Guinness Enterprise Hubs, where Tramshed Tech team members enjoy privileged access. This thriving ecosystem offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern innovation, providing an inspiring space for collaboration and growth.

Île-de-France - Saint Quentin Yvelines

Tramshed Tech team members in Île-de-France can harness the power of innovation at Saint Quentin Yvelines. With exclusive access to this strategic location, embrace a dynamic environment that encourages synergy and technological advancement in the heart of France's tech landscape.