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Calendar Icon7 Jul 2022

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This month we'll be talking about Machine Learning on Kubernetes with Salman "Soulman" Iqbal

Level: Beginner

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This month we have a talk from Salman "Soulman" Iqbal on running Machine Leaninrg (ML) on Kubernetes (K8s) - and also when you shouldn't!

Title: Machine Learning on Kubernetes

Level: Beginner

In order to run Machine Learning (ML) models at scale three things are required: code, ML framework of your choice and a platform to run your code on. A number of ML frameworks exist such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNet, Keras etc. When it comes to platforms, many of those exist too. Kubernetes is one such platform that runs containerised workloads. Kubernetes provides features that solve some of the challenges faced by data scientists.

This talk will discuss how it helps with infrastructure management, auto scaling, auto recovery from failure, automated deployments, multi-tenancy and GPU offloading. This talk will also show how to run some of the ML Frameworks on Kubernetes such as Scikit-learn, PyTorch, MXNet & TensorFlow. The talk will also discuss when not to use Kubernetes to run your ML workloads.

About the speaker: Salman Iqbal
Salman works as an MLOps Engineer at Appvia and a Kuberenetes Instructor at Learnk8s. He has worked with a number of organisations in setting up Machine Learning platforms for teams to operate at scale. He is also a Certified Kubernetes Administrator and a strong advocate for Cloud Native technologies.

He co-founded Cloud Native Wales, an initiative to bring together a community that shares ideas on how to use cloud native technologies effectively. You can also find him on YouTube as Soulman Iqbal where he simplifies and explains cloud native concepts.

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