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Calendar Icon12 May 2022

Clock Icon18:30 - 21:00

Map Pin IconTramshed Tech Grangetown

From Model to Microservice - Machine Learning Deployments at Scale - Ed Shee, Head of Developer Relations at Seldon

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Tramshed Tech


Until recently, the data science / machine learning field has been pretty immature in its adoption of DevOps tools and processes. That's now changing rapidly as engineering teams realise that, in order to gain any value from their ML models, they need to get them into production.


In this talk, Ed will introduce the open source Seldon Core library, build a model using popular machine learning tools and deploy it to Kubernetes to handle production traffic. You will learn how to turn an ML model into a production microservice that handles REST/gRPC traffic, how to use complex model deployment techniques and how to monitor both the infrastructure and the models themselves, spotting drift and outliers as they take place.


About the speaker
Ed is a technologist with nine years’ experience working across Software Development, Cloud, DevOps and Machine Learning. Having been primarily in customer and developer-facing roles, he is a confident communicator and public speaker. He is passionate about developer experience, the developer community and exploring the newest tech trends. Outside of work, Ed enjoys staying active by playing tennis, lacrosse and hiking.


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Will it be live-streamed/online?
No. Parts of the evening will be recorded and may be available at a later date.


Thank you to our sponsors
Our thanks to Tramshed Tech and Barclays Eagle Labs for kindly providing the venue, food and drink.


Vegan options available - let us know when you RSVP.


We'll have a selection of soft and alcoholic drinks available.

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