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Calendar Icon5 Jul 2022

Clock Icon18:00 - 20:00

Map Pin IconTramshed Tech Grangetown

Join us at the next BSV Wales meetup to talk about  'blockchain plurality'.

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Tramshed Tech


Join us for the Summer edition of the BSV Wales meetup, where we'll be tackling the topic of Blockchain Pluralism.

  • Why are there so many different blockchains out there?

  • Which ones should I care about?

  • Does my business need to support them all?

We'll be deep-diving into these questions are more with our great guest speakers


Will one blockchain rule them all?

Gethin Davies

In his talk, Gethin will look at some of the success stories at Finboot and explain how they see the Enterprise Blockchain landscape. Why they chose the route they did as a product and the business value drivers their customers.

He'll be answering the question, will one blockchain rule them all?

And looking at why being agnostic is important for Finboot's business model – blockchain and industry agnostic.

Learn more about Finboot.

Gethin Davies, Business Development Manager at Finboot, introduces Enterprises and Organisations to the power of blockchain technology,
focussing on bringing new business to Finboot.


Getting from Web2 to Web3 with SIMBA Blocks, a chain agnostic cloud service

Matthew Shields

In this talk we will explore, through the use of some specific use cases, how SIMBA Chain's Blocks platform enables Web2 native companies to leverage their existing skills to quickly and easily move into the world of Web3 and decentralised apps. SIMBA's ability to abstract and work with multiple blockchain technologies allows companies to explore multiple blockchains without expensive lock in so they don't need to make the perfect decision the first time.

Learn more about SIMBA Chain.

Matt, VP Dev Management for SIMBA Chain, focusses on working with engineering, product, and customers to ensure successful outcomes for blockchain projects across a wide range of industries. Matt brings his varied experience from software delivery, enterprise architecture and academia across diverse industries including financial services, engineering, and astronomy to the new and exciting world of blockchain.

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