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Unlock Salary Sacrifice with Voltric

Unlock Salary Sacrifice with Voltric Image

Calendar IconFeb. 29, 2024

Clock Icon18:00 - 21:00

Map Pin IconInnovation Station, Newport

Unlock Salary Sacrifice with Voltric Image
Barclays Eagle Labs

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Barclays Eagle Labs

Join us to learn more about the Salary Sacrifice Scheme's advantages, gaining insights into Voltric's commitment to sustainable mobility.


What will the event cover?  


This event will delve into the cost-effective access to electric vehicles and the advantages of the Salary Sacrifice Scheme for businesses in Wales. Followed by a detailed breakdown of the EV Salary Sacrifice Subscription, offering valuable insights for businesses seeking sustainable transportation solutions. 


Come and meet Voltric a trailblazing organization leading the charge in sustainable transportation. Their vision is to be a dynamic organisation which improves the ever-changing world of mobility and transport – removing key barriers to reducing emissions across the United Kingdom. Some of Voltric's partners in the industry will also be present.


What attendees will get out of the event? 


This session offers a deep understanding of the Salary Sacrifice Scheme, emphasizing its benefits. Discover actionable steps for implementing the scheme with Voltric, while gaining insights into their commitment to shaping the future of mobility and exploring the financial advantages it brings to businesses. 


Who is this event for?  


This event is open to businesses within the South Wales area eager to explore sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Whether you're a decision-maker, human resources professional, or someone passionate about promoting eco-friendly practices in your organization, this event is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed for a greener future. 


This event is sponsored by Barclays Eagle Labs 💙

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