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5 Tips On Paid Social Campaigns

11 Nov 2021 - 3 minutes to read

5 Tips On Paid Social Campaigns

Statistics show that social media has 3.78 billion social media users worldwide as of 2021. With such a saturated market, how can businesses get their content seen by the right people? We’ve invited Sara Doust, Account Manager at Clickbox Digital to share her top tips on creating & managing effective social media ads.

‍Tips for successful paid social campaigns include, but are not limited to:

1. Condensing your audience

2. Maintaining consistency

3. Engaging with your audience

4. Setting goals

5. Reaching a wider audience

1. Condensing Your Audience

‍‍The first tip for creating successful paid social campaigns is to condense your audience.

There are lots of features when it comes to social media advertising, one of which is tailoring your ads to reach your target customer.

You are able to choose key information relating to your ideal demographic such as occupation, gender, likes, dislikes, and interests.

It's important to be as specific as you can to ensure that your campaign is tailored to target your desired customers and geared around achieving your objective.  

2. Maintaining Consistency

Another tip for creating successful paid social campaigns is to maintain consistency.

Not only do your audience like consistency, social media algorithms like it too. Whether you are scheduling organic or paid posts, ensuring that you're posting them consistently will help to drive engagement.  

It’s also important to have the right mix of content, for example; opting for a combination of graphics, images, and videos as well as having a balance between paid and organic posts.

This will keep your followers engaged and enable you to reach a larger audience over time, emphasising that being consistent is key. 

3. Engaging With Your Audience

‍Another essential tip to bear in mind is to engage with your audience.

As a business, you should always place a focus on paying attention to the customer experience.  

Audiences relate and resonate with personable brands, and it significantly helps when a brand is putting out approachable content that they can easily engage with. 

Social media is designed to be social, so ensure that you interact with your audience (like/comment/share/save posts) as a way to build rapport and trust over time. 

Keeping your accounts active, then, can help you to make the most of your content and boost engagement alongside any paid ad spending that you invest in.

4. Setting Goals

A great tip that should always remain a priority is setting goals.

Setting goals is crucial, otherwise, you have a much harder job of knowing whether you have been successful and where you are on your journey.

Using insights within social media platforms is important to gain a wider understanding of how your ads are performing.

If a post isn’t doing as well as you had hoped, this could come down to a number of reasons; maybe the content isn’t the right fit, or maybe you are targeting the wrong people to name a few.

It’s a strong learning curve and helps you to understand your business and target audience better, so be sure to monitor and tweak your ads in order to reach your goals.  

5. Reaching A Wider Audience

Last, but not least, a tip for creating successful paid social campaigns is to reach a wider audience. 

Investing in paid ads allows you to reach a much wider audience which can lead to sales opportunities, collaborations, and other business benefits.

Reaching more people also allows you to understand which content works best for your business and enables you to learn from this and continue to improve your content strategy.  

As such, you should continuously be looking for opportunities to expand your audience.

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