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Tramshed Tech’s Summer Startup Academy Winners Announced

QZee, Telephort and Ledger Box Limited become the latest ones to watch in Wales after being awarded a support package following Startup Academy, Demo Day.

Tramshed Tech’s Summer Startup Academy Winners Announced

Through our flagship programme - the Startup Aacdemy, we have been coaching twenty exciting pre and early-stage tech start-ups across sixteen key areas of business development to include; idea generation, product market fit, marketing and sales, managing business growth, and investor readiness.

Startup Academy culminates in ‘Demo Day’ which took place at Tramshed Tech, Grangetown on Thursday 14th July. 13 tech startups pitched their business ideas to a room of investors, business support organisations, potential partners and mentors in true Dragons Den style resulting in QZee, Telephort and LedgerBox Limited being awarded a package of support from ongoing mentorship from yours truely. 

Cameron From QZee

QZee Co-Founders Cameron Calder and Joel Parfitt, CTO Max Shugar and Creative Lead Kyle Davis have their sights set on revolutionising the hospitality industry with a new take on booking and ‘queuing’ where last-minute plans are encouraged, and businesses don’t miss out with no-shows and cancellations. One in four bookings result in a no-show or last-minute cancellation. No-shows alone cost the UK hospitality industry £17.6 billion. As well as this, 30% of customers say they are put off making a booking if preliminary card information is required. QZee aims to tackles both of these challenges.

Cameron Calder, Co-Founder of QZee said,

We incorporate a smart booking and virtual queue system that combats no-shows & last-minute cancellations without relying solely on un-popular deposit systems. Deposits are viable, but they don’t fight the core issue, food is still wasted & businesses over staff. QZee creates a consistent flow and provides an alternative last-minute solution for users that want to do something as soon as they get the urge.

QZee’s pre-seed round is currently open with £100k raised and SEIS/EIS still available. QZee are offering 30 businesses free use of the software for the first 6 months, businesses can apply here.


Photo of Torbjörn

Telephort Founder Torbjörn Maaherra has developed a new digital-first B2B freight service which utilises excess capacity from the current road freight network to transport goods. Telephort is a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to book palletised freight and other types of heavy cargo in a transparent way, shipped on-time and sustainably whist saving on annual freight costs. Officially launching 5th September 2022 with early access available – learn more here.

Torbjörn Maaherra Founder of Telephort commented, 

If it were not for the fantastic support from Tramshed Tech during these twelve weeks, I do not believe our business would have gotten this far. We're excited for everything that is happening this autumn – from having our first customers operational in September to welcoming investors to our first round towards the end of the year.

LedgerBox Founders Patricia Stacey and Mizan Miah saw an opportunity in asset management and are creating a secure and user-friendly online portal where assets are made simple. In the UK alone, there is £200 billion in financial organisations to include bank accounts and premium bonds and approximately 20 million people in the UK have unclaimed or lost money. LedgerBox aims combat this issue.


Photo of Miz and Pat

Mizan Miah, Co-Founder of LedgerBox said,

Effectively managing assets is a problem that’s been around for too long, at the LedgerBox, we’ll put an end to it. The Tramshed Tech Startup Academy has really brought our idea to life and accelerated the progress of our company.

LedgerBox are currently in development and seeking investment. Contact to learn more.

Enrolment to the next Startup Academy is now open, kickstarting 10th November 2022 with registration closing 21st October. Learn more and register interest here.


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