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What To Look For In A Coworking Space

13 May 2022 - 4 minutes to read

What To Look For In A Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are the new modern-day offices and boast a wide-range of benefits that can enhance your work performance and allow you to create more personal and professional connections. But when it comes to finding the perfect coworking space for you and your business, there are a number of factors you must consider. 

6 things you should look for in a coworking space are:

  1. Location
  2. The variety of spaces available
  3. Amenities
  4. High speed internet
  5. Atmosphere and environment
  6. Event offerings

1. Location

Location, location, location. This is probably one of the most important factors to consider when looking for the perfect coworking space. 

Is the coworking location near things that are important to you and your staff: public transport, good cafes, a park, a bike path? Think about what the commute will be like and if driving, you’ll want to make sure the coworking space accommodates adequate parking close by. 

It’s also important to consider the needs of your clients. Ideally, the location should be easily accessible for visiting clients, and in a desirable spot. Remember, you want the location of your office to leave a positive impression on your clients and those visiting you. 

Here at Tramshed Tech, we appreciate freedom now more than ever, which is why our new roaming membership gives you the opportunity to work from any Tramshed Tech location; including Cardiff, Barry, Newport and Swansea. We have ensured that all locations are close to desired needs, for example, public transport and cafes/ lunch spots. 

2. The variety of spaces available

Typically, a coworking office offers three types of spaces: private offices, fixed desks and hot desks. 

  1. Private offices - allow you and your staff to have your own office space with ample storage if you’re working with lots of physical files and folders. Because of the larger, more private space, these offices are often more expensive. 
  2. Fixed (or dedicated) desks - ensure that you have a spot secured at all times.They can sometimes come with drawers for storage as well. 
  3. Hot desks - are often first-come-first-served. However, this suits those who travel light - for example, all you need is a laptop to begin work. 

Hot desking is great because changing your spot on a daily basis will expose you to a different desk-neighbour almost every day, allowing you to bond with whoever’s in your surroundings. This is particularly useful for start-ups, one-man bands and freelancers looking to expand their network of partners and potential clients.

At Tramshed Tech, we’ve built flexibility into our coworking memberships. Whether you want to work from different locations every day, desire a stand up desk, looking for a firm base to scale your venture or need a hot desk now and then, we’ve got you covered with a range of different office spaces to choose from covered. Take a look at our membership options.

3. Amenities

It’s essential that your desired co-working space has all the amenities needed for maximum productivity. Does your job require regular access to a photocopier or printer? Is a high-quality coffee machine and snack bar a necessity for you? 

A good coworking space should have common amenities including high-speed internet, printing, meeting rooms and beverages. Other benefits in your rental package may include free parcel and letter collection.

You can find a range of amenities here at Tramshed Tech, including free tea & coffee, delicious cookies/cakes, printing facilities, a bike shed, bookable meeting rooms, parcel handling and much more. 

4. High speed internet

In today’s world, it is absolutely essential that a coworking space provides a fast and reliable internet connection for its members. 

Make sure you test out the internet connection at your desired coworking space properly before making a long-term commitment, or better yet, ask one of their current members what it’s like. Dodgy coverage is the absolute worst, especially when you’re streaming or trying to make video calls. 

All members can enjoy our super fast Wifi, allowing you to work efficiently and productively all day long. 

5. Atmosphere and community feel 

When you walk into the coworking space, does it feel welcoming? Does the space feel like a place you’d like to invite clients to? Is the space buzzing with energy or a bit flat? That collective energy is one of the best things about coworking and, if it’s missing, it may imply a less-than-vibrant space.

One of the greatest benefits of joining a coworking space is also having the chance to meet new people and network. It usually helps to share a space with people who have similar goals & interests as you. Perhaps they’re entrepreneurs like you or work in the same field of work. Either way, it’s important to join a co-working space that has a community you can connect with. 

6. Event offerings 

In the interest of supporting and growing their communities as well as empowering the business owners around them, coworking spaces will offer a plethora of events such as:

  • Workshops
  • Presentations
  • Roundtables
  • Networking
  • Inudstry-specific learning events
  • Wellness & Wellbeing

Take a look at the event offerings and try and step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to what kinds of events you attend - meeting other business owners from a diverse range of backgrounds will only inform your experience as an entrepreneur.


At Tramshed Tech, we believe workspaces should be more than just work, which is why we have regular events, meetups and monthly socials

We are Tramshed Tech: a start-up ecosystem for business owners to meet, learn and grow. For more helpful tips from our experts, check out our news page or get in touch to find out about our spaces and memberships.