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An introduction to Convergent Content

Discover what convergent content is & the importance in achieving an effective marketing strategy.

An introduction to Convergent Content

Content creation is ever-evolving, captivating audiences with its unique blend of creativity and tech. The synergy between both industries is reshaping the way we experience stories and engage with digital environments through combining reality with fiction. 

In this blog, we'll explore key trends and learnings from our first session of our Convergent Content Programme in partnership with M-Sparc, Cardiff University and Barclays Eagle Labs and funded by Welsh Government. We heard from Will Humphrey from Sugar Creative who spoke on Emerging Technologies and trends within Convergent Content.

This guide will explain convergent content and it's benefits over four key topics:

  1. Understanding Your Audience
  2. Embracing New Formats
  3. Collaboration In Convergent Content
  4. Key Trends In Convergent Content

1. Understanding Your Audience

Embracing Unique Experiences:

Audiences welcome unique, immersive experiences, understanding that missing certain elements is part of the journey. If there’s a cool character you’ve created within your creative that someone doesn’t get round to meeting, that’s fine. Their experience was unique to them.

Partial Control vs. No Experience:

The user having control over the experience is preferable to having no experience at all. Convergent Content allows for a personalized encounter, catering to individual preferences.

Diverse Audience Behaviour:

Recognizing that audience engagement varies. As creators embrace the diversity in how people interact with your content. Some people won’t be able to put the headset down, some will just want a 30 second experience. There will be a mix of users who are just fascinated by the innovations and others that are engaged and want to participate. 

Lower Barrier to Entry:

Convergent Content acknowledges the challenges of traditional VR glasses, offering immersive experiences without the need for a headset. Lowering barriers ensures a broader audience reach.

VR barriers to entry in convergent content

Appreciating Familiarity:

Creators must remember that what may seem ordinary to them can be extraordinary to new audiences. Always keep that novice mindset. Embracing the novelty of experiences is essential to understand your user.

2. Embracing New Formats

Adapting with Tech:

New formats require agile teams capable of staying ahead of technological advancements.

Evolve with your environment:

Real-world environments are fluid and ever-changing. Content creators must evolve alongside these shifts, embracing the dynamic nature of life itself. For example, that building that features in your content, might be non-existent in a couple of months’ time. The real-world is evolving, it’s not a pre-made set that you can determine.

Experiment with scale: 

The ‘wow factor’ of scale - creating content that transcends physical boundaries in Augmented Reality (AR) adds a magical element. Scale becomes a wow factor that captivates audiences and enhances immersion.

3. Collaboration In Convergent Content

Key Role of Partnerships:

Collaborations and partnerships are integral to Convergent Content success. Early access and support from various entities foster an environment for innovation.

Sharing innovations and ideas among creators leads to a collaborative ecosystem that fuels creativity and pushes the boundaries of Convergent Content.

Theatre principles find resonance in storytelling through Augmented Reality. Applying theatrical techniques enhances the narrative experience in the digital realm. Connect with industries that might solve your problems.

Combining creatives from diverse sectors with open transmedia storytelling can yield enormous creative potential. However, it's essential to acknowledge that not all collaborations lead to successful results. 

collaboration in convergent content

4. Key Trends in Convergent Content

Strengths and Weaknesses:

In Convergent Content, strengths and weaknesses often intertwine. What might be perceived as a limitation can transform into an innovative feature. Embracing these dualities is crucial for creators looking to innovate.

Geo Location Integration:

Convergent Content leverage’s geo-location technology to seamlessly merge digital worlds with our reality. This integration opens new avenues for storytelling, offering experiences that unfold in harmony with specific physical locations.

geo location in convergent content

AI Impact on Characters:

The evolving nature of AI promises to bring characters to life in unprecedented ways, adding layers of complexity to storytelling.

Passthrough Headsets:

Devices like the Vision Pro and Quest 3 bring immersive experiences to a broader audience, enabling content creators to explore new dimensions of storytelling. These accessible passthrough headsets make content creation more inclusive and less intimidating to users.

Creative Queries from Brands:

Brands are becoming active participants in the creative process. This collaborative approach between creators and brands leads to fresh and engaging narratives.

3D Visual Forms and Language Barrier:

3D forms serve as a universal language, breaking down barriers such as sign language. Convergent Content becomes a powerful tool for inclusivity, transcending linguistic boundaries.

As we venture further into the uncharted territories of Convergent Content, these learnings serve as a compass, guiding creators to navigate complexities and opportunities. The convergence of technology, creativity, and collaboration is shaping a new era of digital experiences that captivate, inspire, and transcend conventional storytelling norms.


We hope this article has offered an understanding behind what convergent content is and how it can benefit your business.

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Written by Flo for Tramshed Tech


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