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COVID-19 policy *updated Mar 2022*

As of March 2022, restrictions have eased bit COVID-19 remains. Familiarise yourself with our policies, processes and procedures in relation to the latest Welsh Government guidelines.

COVID-19 policy *updated Mar 2022*

Inline with the latest Welsh Government guidance, from 28 March 2022:

  • face coverings are legally required in health and care settings only
  • workplaces and premises open to the public must continue to do coronavirus risk assessments


Despite COVID-19 restrictions easing, our number one priority remains keeping our members and team safe. We will continue to take the following precautions at Tramshed Tech:

• Covid-19 risk assessment reviewed and updated monthly - please feel free to request this

• Masks recommended if social distancing isn't an option (corridors, coffee shop etc)

• Hand-washing and sanitisation is encouraged

• Keeping indoor spaces ventilated and cleaned regularly


Please note that to use the coworking space you must pre-book through our app or by getting in touch with our team. Below we've outlined a list of actions we are taking to ensure your safety during your stay in one of our spaces.

Opening times: Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 18:00

Before your arrival

Please download the Tramshed Tech app ahead of time to book desk-space, flexible offices and meeting rooms. Pre-booking coworking is now essential to further protect our members. You’ll also need this app to checkin upon arrival. Just search for 'Tramshed Tech' on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have come into contact with someone who has tested positive, please follow Welsh Governent guidance.

Safeguarding your health

We deep clean throughout our entire space to include all meeting rooms every evening to safeguard the health of the community.

Upon arrival


Upon arrival at Tramshed Tech, you'll be met by a member of our friendly team at reception. Push the right hand side door to enter and a member of our team will be on hand to assist you at a social distance.

Check in

As you enter the space, please open the app and bring your phone near the checkin iPad to log into the space. You can do the same when leaving to logout.


To stop the spread of germs, hand sanitiser stations are now placed throughout the building and we ask that you use these and wash your hands on arrival. To keep your hands clean we would ask that you sanitise or wash them for 20 seconds several times throughout the day.

Give way (Corridors)

When accessing corridors, give way to anyone already in the corridor, by waiting at each end and taking it in turns to continue when it is safe to do so. If in doubt, give way.

Shower Room

Use of the shower room is now available.

Kitchens and Fridges

Communal kitchens and refrigerators are now back in use.

Main Space

Desk spaces

You can hot-desk by pre-booking via the app. These will be offered on a first come first served basis. Priority will be given to existing members.

You can download our app ahead of time to book hot-desks, flexible offices and meeting rooms. Just search for 'Tramshed Tech' on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Flexible Spaces

Meeting rooms can be booked via the Tramshed Tech app.


If you are unable to social distance, wearing a mask is recommended but not mandatory. 



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