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Geovation Arrives In Wales!

Startups in Wales can now receive specialist support from Geovation through its new partnership with Tramshed Tech.

Geovation Arrives In Wales!

Since its inception in 2009 Geovation has become a leading proponent of the value of open innovation in the public sector. After opening its first space in summer 2015, Geovation has grown to support a community of more than 1,500 entrepreneurs, investors, developers, academics, students and corporate innovators.

Startups in Wales can now receive specialist support from Geovation through its new partnership with Tramshed Tech.


The exciting new partnership will see Welsh start-ups, who become Geovation members, receive a host of benefits, including access to: Ordnance Survey’s and HM Land Registry data; expert business advice and mentorship; and tech surgeries given by Geovation’s in-house developer team. Access to free London desk space, when they need it – and discounted London meeting room hire – will also be available.

Tramshed Tech CEO, Louise Harris, commented:

“This provision of world-leading tech expertise from Geovation aligns perfectly with our continuing growth plans at Tramshed Tech, where we are constantly looking to provide the Welsh tech and digital community with cutting-edge expertise to grow their businesses. So, we are delighted to be able to announce this new partnership today”.


One of the companies based at Tramshed Tech to have already benefitted from Geovation’s help, is Urban Intelligence, who have built a new digital platform that allows companies and property developers to unlock the UK’s complex planning regulations via new digital access tools.


Daniel Mohamed founder and CEO of Urban Intelligence said:

“We have seen first-hand how powerful these resources can prove for start-ups like ours – it’s great to see Geovation now providing this service in Wales at the Tramshed”.


Head of Geovation, Carly Morris, said:

“We are delighted with this partnership with Tramshed and the opportunities we can create together to give start-ups the best route to success. 2020 has been an extraordinary year, with even more challenges for start-ups, but from crisis comes opportunity. In an increasingly data-driven world, start-ups have the potential to play an important role moving forward, which is why we make it easy to access experience, expertise, and quality data. Without this support, it is much harder for start-ups to make an impact. Through this partnership with Tramshed, we want to unleash Welsh innovation in the GeoTech and PropTech world and help companies succeed”.

To learn more about how you and your business can benefit from our partnership with Geovation, contact us now.


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