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Meet Our Members | Clickbox Digital

05 Oct 2021 - 3 minutes to read

Meet Our Members | Clickbox Digital

Meet Our Members | Clickbox Digital

As our community continues to grow, we wanted to put a spotlight on our members to showcase their inspiring stories and amazing work.

To kick things off we spoke to Matt from Clickbox Digital, a specialist brand management and design agency who joined the Tramshed Tech ranks last year during the pandemic.

Founded last year in 2020 and home to BAFTA award winning staff Clickbox Digital can provide a full 360 degree brand management solution for your business. With our core skills and diverse energetic team, we have the depth of knowledge and attention to detail that will propel your brand to a position that will stand out from the crowd in the competitive modern marketplace.

Watch the video interview below

Tramshed Tech: Hey Matt, please introduce yourself and what you do at Clickbox?

Matt Church: My name is Matt Church. I'm the managing director of Clickbox based here at Tramshed Tech. We're a creative agency that specialise in marketing services — so not only can we create your content for you, but we can also distribute it using things like social media management, video photography.

TT: How has your experience of Tramshed Tech been so far?

Matt: We actually moved in here in March 2020. So lockdown one was when we moved into Tramshed Tech. So now the world is starting to get back to normal again, we're starting to see how Tramshed Tech could be and was pre-lockdown, and we're really impressed. When we first moved in, we had three members of staff. We've now grown with Tramshed Tech’s support to eight members of staff, particularly with the Kickstarter programme, which they introduced us to.

What are your plans for the year ahead?

Matt: In the next year, we've got plans to develop into the events side of things. Because of the range of services that we offer, we're well placed with the foundations to assist companies with developing hosting and managing events. We've also got some aspirations to work overseas. And we're just starting to push up that door now and then see what needs to be based the Tramshed Tech has provided real value to us as a company.

How has being based at Tramshed Tech helped your business?

Matt: Not only is the network here, really key to all the Tramshed Tech tenants do but the support that we get from the management in terms of understanding Welsh Government initiatives, local government initiatives, and how to capitalise on those to assist us in our growth and sustainability has been a fantastic support mechanism for us.

We've even partnered with some local businesses that are based here with the website. We worked with those to produce a new website for them. And we've got a couple of other projects in the pipeline with Tramshed Tech tenants as well.

Where can our viewers find out more information?

Matt: To get in contact with us head to our website or look us up on our socials.

If you're a Tramshed Tech member and want to be featured get in touch with Lucy via!