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Scaling Your Business With Flexible Office Space Solutions

Startups, scale-ups and SME”s need to be super flexible when it comes to occupying a space, as many early stage startups don’t know how big or small they will be in a year's time, or even a few months for that matter. For this reason, flexible working solutions can be super attractive and reassuring. Discover the many other advantages of choosing flexi working here.

There are a number of different workspace solutions available for early startup businesses, for example hot desks, open offices and flexible office space.

Hot desks are non-fixed desks or workspaces that are used by different people at different times, on an ad hoc basis. Simply turn up, find a suitable desk, and start work!

Open offices are open plan work environments where all employees are accommodated in the same room.

Flexible office space refers to private office space, booked as and when required. 

What Is Flexible Office Space? 

In short - flexible office space is an arrangement that features a flexible working environment and offers a more dynamic alternative to the typical leased office space. They still have everything you can typically expect in a traditional office: chairs, desks, a board, computers etc., but they can be booked on-demand. 


Here at Tramshed Tech, we understand flexibility is more important than ever for a startup business, which is why we offer a ‘flexi’ office solution. This allows you to have a private office space as and when you need it. This is perfect for businesses who need more privacy than a coworking space but can't commit to a permanent office.


The Benefits Of Choosing Flexible Office Space 

There are numerous benefits to choosing flexible office space.

These benefits include, but are not limited to:

1. It saves money

2. Improved employee satisfaction and productivity 

3. Access to other locations

4. It can help retain and attract employees 

5. It's great for startups

1. It Saves Money

A flexible workspace can significantly reduce your company’s overhead costs, which is a pretty big deal if you're a startup trying to get your feet off the ground.

Although every business is different, generally, not every employee has to stay stuck to their desk while working. Also, with many employees now choosing hybrid work arrangements, there isn’t a need to have an assigned desk for every worker. This means that a considerable part of your office space may currently be underused. 

Scaling your business with flexible office space

2. Improved Employee Satisfaction & Productivity

Creating a flexible, alternative way of working in a space that allows your employees to switch up their surroundings can positively affect their motivation and productivity.

When employees are happy, their stress levels are reduced which goes hand in hand with reduced absenteeism.


3. Access To Other Locations

When you join a membership, you sign it with the office space provider, rather than a specific building. So, while you’ll always have your private office as a set base, with some brands (like Tramshed Tech), you’ll get multi-site access to their other locations. 

At Tramshed Tech, you can find this under our ‘roaming’ membership, with access to a number of other locations across South Wales - such as Newport, Barry and One Central Square in Cardiff - so you don’t need to choose a fixed location. 

Flexible office space


4. It Can Help Retain & Attract Employees

Thanks to recent technology, the expectation of workers has changed and nowadays, many professionals work remotely. Persuading talented workers to come and work in an office environment is becoming harder, so it’s necessary to entice them to show up. Their interest in working for your business may depend on how much flexibility you can offer them. 


5. It's Great For Startups 

Lastly, startups, scale-ups and SME”s need to be super flexible when it comes to occupying a space, as many early stage startups don’t know how big or small they will be in a year's time, or even a few months for that matter. For this reason, flexible working solutions can be super attractive and reassuring. 

 Scale your business with a flexible office

Tramshed Tech is a startup ecosystem home to 50+ companies ranging from pre-revenue start-ups to scaling businesses with 600+ registered members from the digital, creative and tech communities. 

If you’re a startup or scale-up looking to join a coworking community full of like-minded entrepreneurs, look no further. We understand that running a business is a balancing act and freedom to be agile is key, which is why we’ve built flexibility into our coworking memberships. Whether you want to work from different locations every day, need a hot desk now and then, or are looking for a firm base to scale your venture, we’ve got you covered. For more helpful tips from our experts, check out our news page or get in touch to find out about our spaces, locations and memberships.  

Written by Kate, for Tramshed Tech.


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