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Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.
Abraham Lincoln

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Changing Cyber Threat Landscape: Part 2

Pete Burnap, Professor of Data Science & Cybersecurity at Cardiff University, is a leading research in the field of cyber security analytics – the fusion of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and risk management. In Part 2 of our analysis on the changing cyber threat landscape, we spoke to Pete to discover more about his team's research into the psychological triggers that cyber criminals look to exploit.

Changing Cyber Threat Landscape: Part 1

Wolfberry is an award winning cybersecurity company on a mission to make cybersecurity accessible, understandable and affordable for all businesses. Now based at Tramshed Tech, the team were recently recognised as the UK’s Most Innovative Cyber Security company. We caught up with Damon Rands, CEO after his keynote speech for the Hodge Tech Series roundtable event last month.

Is it time to invest in Digital Marketing?

Last week we spoke to Aled Nelmes before our monthly Digital Marketing Meetup to get his take on how to grow your business and network by sharing your knowledge. We also picked his brains about the power of audio-only content in an increasingly noisy world.

Lumen SEO — Meet Our Members

For the first in our Meet Our Members series we caught up with Lumen SEO. Spearheaded by Aled Nelmes, Lumen SEO are on a mission to empower small business owners through a transparent data driven approach.

Enrol now for the Startup Academy!

Tramshed Tech are delighted to invite you to enrol on the Startup Academy programme, in partnership with Focus Carmarthen Enterprise Hub. The Startup Academy is a 12-week accelerator programme, designed for late pre-start organisations with a strong idea or early post start organisations.

Hodge Tech Series: Changing Threat Landscape

Hodge Bank and Tramshed Tech are working collaboratively on a series of events running bi-monthly throughout 2020 to bring together innovative startups and established business’ to develop solutions to common challenges. These events aim to enable discussion around some of those challenges, gain more understanding on potential solutions, support interaction between problem owners and solutions providers.

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