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5 Reasons To Join A Startup Academy

An insight into 5 reasons to join a Startup Academy.

5 Reasons To Join A Startup Academy

The Tramshed Tech Startup Academy is an incubator programme for pre-start and early-stage businesses in tech, digital, as well as creative industries that runs for a total of 12 weeks.

Supported by Google for Startups, the free 12-week programme is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage business owners alike.

If you’ve got an idea for a startup, or are looking for support for your early-stage business, then there are various reasons why you should join a Startup Academy. 

Reasons to join a Startup Academy include:


  1. Learning and development
  2. Networking and forming relationships
  3. Mentorship
  4. Improving public speaking skills
  5. Commercial partnerships

1. Learning & Development


One of the biggest reasons to join a Startup Academy is the learning and development that comes from it. 

Not everyone has a degree in business or the experience that aids as a building block for starting a business, and this is where a start-up programme can be incredibly helpful.

During the programme, you’ll learn from everything from pitching to investors to shaping your brand, giving you the foundational knowledge you need when first starting a business.

In addition to the benefits this will have for your small business, a Startup Academy will also provide you with the opportunity to develop on a personal and professional level, setting you up for success in the future.

reasons to join a startup academy

2. Networking & Forming Relationships


Another draw to joining a Startup Academy is the opportunity it provides to network and form relationships.

Networking is key to growing a business, as it not only forces you to get out of your comfort zone and increases your confidence to talk to new people, but it also allows you to ‘acquire business leads’ and make valuable connections for your business. 

The Tramshed Tech Startup Academy is held in our coworking space in Cardiff Central, surrounded by various businesses and people from all walks of life.

This will provide you with ample opportunities to network and form relationships with various people that work within the coworking space, maximising your chance to build connections as a startup. 

The more people that become aware of your business and what you stand for, the more interest you’ll generate and become a bigger authority as a brand.


3. Mentorship


There’s no denying that starting a business can be a daunting and isolating prospect, and you can feel lost without having any guidance.

This is where a Startup Academy can support you, as it will also offer you mentorship during an uncertain and turbulent time.

Consulting an experienced business mentor can help you to build a stronger business as their role is to ‘support, develop, stimulate, and challenge’. 

Through a Startup Academy, you will receive much-needed mentorship and advice that will make the process of starting a business much more manageable, giving you the confidence to stand on your own two feet.

As a result of their advice, paired with what you’ll learn from the connections you will make along the way, you’ll be in a better position to manage your business.

startup academy

4. Improving Public Speaking Skills


Public speaking skills are essential for any business owner, but having confidence to speak in front of crowds of people doesn’t come overnight for everyone.

In fact, Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, is known to ‘affect up to 75% of the population’.

Participating in a Startup Academy allows you to improve on your public speaking skills, giving you experience in something that could be uncharted waters for you whilst helping to build your confidence and entrepreneurial resilience to speak in public without fear or anxiety.

As you gain the necessary skills and experience to speak publicly, you will in turn overcome any worries you may have that are associated with public speaking.


5.  Commercial Partnerships


In the same way that joining a Startup Academy can open you up to new connections, it also opens you up to the opportunity of participating in commercial partnerships.

A commercial partnership is a reciprocal relationship between two companies which offers mutual growth benefits. 

Commercial partnerships give you the opportunity to do giveaways, receive and offer referrals, and even share clients with other businesses. 

This will offer you the opportunity to increase your client base as a startup and therefore increase sales as a result of this partnership.

5 reasons to join a startup academy

We are Tramshed Tech: a startup ecosystem home to 50+ companies ranging from pre-revenue start-ups to scaling businesses with 600+ registered members from the digital, creative and tech communities. We’re currently based in Grangetown, Cardiff Central & Newport, and are soon expanding to other sites across South Wales to Barry and Swansea

If you’re interested in joining us at any of our locations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Written by Jemima Thomas for Tramshed Tech.


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