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6 Reasons Why Roaming is a Game Changer

Roaming provides a new way to run your business and your team - and with it offers a brand new way to grow your business.

6 Reasons Why Roaming is a Game Changer

In 2019, the number of UK business births increased to 390,000, and the startup space is larger than ever. Combine that with new work-life adoptions such as remote, hybrid and nomad working - the UK business scene has produced new ways of getting things done.

One of those new developments has happened right here in Tramshed Tech: roaming.

Roaming now offers South Wales businesses the opportunity to work from more locations than ever before with Tramshed Tech’s coworking spaces, and with it the startup academy, reaching more corners of Wales.

Where are Tramshed Tech’s roaming locations?

As of January 2023, Tramshed Tech offers a coworking space and office space in:

  1. Grangetown, Cardiff
  2. One Central Square, Cardiff (Office Space only)
  3. Griffin Place, Newport
  4. Goodsheds, Barry

However, that’s not all with two further locations to be opened in:

  1. Innovation Station, Newport
  2. Palace Theatre, Swansea

Whilst you might consider yourself a creature of habit, here are six potentially business-saving reasons why roaming as a business is a complete game changer:

  1. Networking opportunities
  2. Mental health benefits
  3. Market research
  4. Food access
  5. Hiring and recruiting
  6. Mentorship

Coworking is about more than just your business, it’s about your development and your growth as a person. Therefore, the incentives and benefits of roaming will vary depending on how you want to grow as a person and as a business.

1. Networking Opportunities

Any introverts reading this may well think ‘this doesn’t apply to me’, and to be completely transparent, networking can be a daunting idea to anyone. However, this is why roaming is such a game changer for networking: you can network meaningfully.

Gone are the days of walking into a room full of people in suits, at a coworking space you’ll be sitting next to individuals who are tackling or have tackled the exact same kind of issues and roadblocks you will be experiencing.

By roaming, you only increase the chance that you will meet that like-minded individual who becomes a sturdy shoulder to lean on during the tough times.

2. Mental Health

Whilst you may think this is an unlikely inclusion on this list, it’s actually never been more relevant than ever. On average, 7% of the UK population currently suffer from depression while a whopping 30% of entrepreneurs do.

This essentially means that as an entrepreneur you’re three times more likely to experience depression than a normal worker. However a roaming coworking plan can offer a huge boost to mental health.

The benefits of roaming for mental health include:

  1. More communication and relationship building
  2. More travel and adventure
  3. Higher productivity and focus
  4. Complete safety and security whilst working

Whilst everyone's mental health is unique, what boosts and what degrades our mental health differs from person to person - one of the benefits above will contribute in forming positive mental health.

3. Market Research

In a study by CB Insights, ‘no market need’ was the second most popular reason why a business failed with 35% of cases failing for this exact reason.

Therefore, testing your product or service with a variation of demographics across a variety of locations is the only sure way to ensure there is an existing market in need of the solution you offer.

A roaming coworking membership offers exactly that, offering events, meetups and lunches as opportunities to test, trial and discuss your value offering with other entrepreneurs and consumers.

4. Food Access

It doesn’t matter who you are, food and nutrition is at the centre of motivation and creativity and having access to a range of cuisine offers not only new experiences but a chance to stick to those health goals.

Our brand new coworking space in Newport is the perfect space to expand your tastes in the middle of a busy day. The market itself stands as one of Europe’s biggest indoor market regenerations with over 12 food vendors under one roof.

As your business grows and begins to recruit, having access to a variety of food can also play as a huge benefit in hiring - giving you an edge in a competitive recruitment market.

Speaking of which…

5. Hiring & Recruiting

A roaming strategy can play as a huge game changer for recruiting not only by expanding your potential pool of candidates but also by offering multiple locations for interview and job post advertising.

According to ONS, more than 8 in 10 workers who had to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic said they planned to do hybrid work - working partly from home and in an office. Since that time, the proportion of hybrid workers has risen from 13% in early 2022 to 24% in May 2022.

Flexibility is key, and having the ability to operate across South Wales as a roaming business offers a huge incentive for potential new staff as well as a productivity boost across your growing team.

6. Mentorship

As a business founder, mentorship can literally save your business. Mentors come in all shapes and sizes, and having a mix of mentors from in and outside of your industry is always a sure way of gaining constant feedback and insight.

As a roaming member, you’ll not only have access to a startup accelerator with mentorship and coaching sessions but as a coworker, you’ll be in constant contact with other business owners of all sizes who can provide feedback from an experienced perspective.

In conclusion, whatever stage your business idea is at, however large your team is, and whatever your food tastes are - there’s no doubt that roaming is a game changer for you as an entrepreneur and your business.

To access TT Roaming, sign up to a full time coworking membership which gives you 24/7 access 365 days a year + the right to Roam. Get 25% off when you sign up to 3 months. 


We are Tramshed Tech: a start-up ecosystem for business owners to meet, learn and grow. For more helpful tips from our experts, check out our news page or get in touch to find out about our spaces and memberships.


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