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Navigating Immersive Tech: Applying XR to Your Creative Project

A closer look into whether you should apply XR to your creative project.

Navigating Immersive Tech: Applying XR to Your Creative Project

The Extended Reality (XR) world has transformed the way we consume media. Production is ever more tech-focused, and both creative and tech industries are continually finding more reasons to collaborate.


Many industries refer to this kind of partnership as Convergent Content, utilising a variety of XR technologies.


XR is the umbrella term for immersive tech formats such as AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and MR (mixed reality). This general term focuses on immersive tech that plays with spatial computing and special effects, ranging from Reality to Mixed Reality to Virtual/Augmented Reality.


The industry has expanded beyond gaming into architecture, healthcare, and many more sectors. If you’re looking to dive into the metaverse, then it’s never too late to start, as it’s continually ramping up.


However, just because it seems like everyone is using XR in their creative projects doesn’t mean you need to. XR doesn’t apply to everything. If it doesn’t work for your use case and doesn’t enhance the user experience, make sure to weigh the costs and benefits.


To learn more about immersive tech and more exciting developments in the industry, be sure to keep an eye on our blog page.


Extended Reality (XR) is taking the world by storm.


Four questions to ask before going into AR Development include:


  1. What goals do you want to achieve with AR?
  2. How does AR interact with the real world/user? Are there any barriers?
  3. What platform should it run on?
  4. How do you integrate AR with your business in the long term?


There are many factors to consider when developing for VR. These include, but are not limited to:


  • Purpose: Is it for training & education, immersion, storytelling, or recreating a physical experience?
  • What content types will you be using? Outline, graphics, interactivity.
  • What platform will you be using? Standalone headset, PC/Console, or Mobile.


Experimenting with your content and encountering failures can result in valuable testing. It’s all about trial and error with convergent content. Here are a few effective ways to test your user experience:


Collectible Data types:

  • Can you use behavioural heat mapping to assess its effectiveness?
  • Test users’ knowledge and skills.
  • User self-reporting.


Workers using VR headsets at their desk.

VR can be used in the workplace for numerous reasons, from training to skill development and more.


Some good examples of Immersive Tech:


Free-to-use platforms for XR content:


With the rise in convergent content and the amount of tools and software at our fingertips, it's hard not to feel intrigued by the possibilities they offer for creative projects. Why not explore it further? The possibilities are exciting, and it’s a new way to test and learn. But, while technology plays a crucial role, it's the content that truly captivates audiences. 


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