5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Coworking Space

Unlike a conventional or home office, a coworking space has a wide-range of benefits that can improve your work performance, increase your personal and professional connections, and encourage better mental health. Learn more here.

As we return to work as COVID-19 restrictions ease, many of us will have realized the need for a more flexible workspace and will be considering moving from individual offices to a coworking space. Unlike a conventional or home office, a coworking space boasts a wide-range of benefits that can enhance your work performance, allow you to create more personal and professional connections, and improve your mental health. If you need more convincing, we've broken down five reasons why you should use a coworking space:

  1. Community & Support
  2. Events
  3. Networking
  4. Flexibility
  5. Amenities & Shared Resources

1. Community & Support

In a coworking space you'll be surrounded by hard-working and like-minded individuals. This creates a strong sense of community and allows you to connect with others on both a personal and professional level. Where the alternative might be working from home, this can reduce loneliness and have an overall greater impact on your mental health.

With a wide-range of people comes a wide-range of skills, and, in a coworking space, it is natural for people to share these skills. Need business advice? Software recommendations? Want more insight into cyber security? Need feedback on a design? Just look around and there are people who are keen to help. I've found that just being around people working on different projects makes me feel supported.

We understand that starting out on your own as a freelancer can be lonely. We spoke with Joanne Harris, Technical Commercial Manager at Nixon Williams who also points out:

"A shared office space can help to recreate the office environment that so many miss when going solo but without the office politics! You will also benefit from tax relief on the cost of renting an office.”

This is just another great benefit to using a coworking space. Find out more about the benefits of shared office spaces.

2. Events

Coworking spaces will often offer free workshops and events to members where you can learn invaluable skills to elevate and better support you and your business.

There is an event for everyone so, whether you want to improve your existing skills or learn something new, these events are a fantastic incentive to use a coworking space. My personal favourite has been Tramshed Tech's Be The Change series which brings together organisations and individual speakers to encourage others to collaborate on change-making actions that promote equality across the board.

3. Networking

With great community and events comes great networking - and we believe some of the best collaborations are born in coworking spaces.

You can find and connect with people across a wide-range of industries that you wouldn't otherwise meet. This creates opportunities for new business, clients or collaborations.

You don't even need to leave to network: just catch up over a coffee at your hot-desk or book a designated meeting room or pod within your coworking space.

4. Flexibility

A more flexible workspace means a happier and better performing team.

With a coworking space, there is no need to sign a long-term lease or tie yourself down to a strict 9-5 week unless you want to. This gives you (and your team) the space you need, when and where you need it.

Longer opening times mean you have the flexibility to work different hours, on different days, on different weeks, in a different spot. You can take longer breaks, or move around the space depending on whether you need total quiet or a bit more of a buzz.

You can even think about working remote or abroad for parts of the year if you're not worried about fulfilling the conditions of a lease. Some coworking spaces will even have multi-city - or multi-country - memberships. As for us: alongside our Cardiff space, in 2022 the Palace Theatre in Swansea will be transformed into a modern, flexible workspace for young and growing businesses.

Although you might be concerned about losing your focus in a populated space, the communal work ethic means you become disciplined fast and, in most cases, produce more high-quality work.

5. Amenities & Shared Resources

Lots of coworking spaces will offer complimentary amenities and shared resources if you work from their space. For example, at Tramshed Tech in Cardiff, members will get access to:

  • Desk Space
  • Ultrafast WiFi
  • Tea & Coffee from an In-House Barista
  • Community Events
  • Bookable Meeting Rooms and Conference Suites
  • Printing Facilities

Click here to learn more about our coworking space or book in for your free session.

Holly Charman
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